Why new lead generation is not always the best investment

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We’re often involved in creative B2B campaigns designed to generate leads. At times the thirst for leads can be insatiable and that’s understandable. More leads in the top of the funnel leads to more sales out the bottom. Right? Sounds logical. And it is. But focusing too much on new leads can sometimes distract us away from more important opportunities that may be hiding further down the funnel.

Do some housekeeping

Before you embark on a lead acquisition strategy, analyse your pipeline. It’s essential housekeeping.

For example, have you previously lost prospects in the mid section, right about the time when you thought the sales meeting was in the bag? It’s a crucial time. People are likely shopping around, comparing products, deciding who to short list. Is your marketing adequately supporting this activity? Do you have enough product and brand education at every touch point? If you do, is it specific enough? Is it convincing? Or is it vague or full of meaningless platitudes such as ‘we’re world class’ or ‘our focus is quality and excellence’. Look at your competitors. If they’re worth their salt they will have side stepped the superficial verbiage with authentic and influential communication – demonstrating to your prospects and across multiple platforms, precisely how their products have been engineered to perform better than everyone else’s.

Consider the end zone too. How much business have you lost at the pitch stage or sales meeting? Analyse it, (painful, I know). Is there a pattern? Can it be fixed?

Leads might not be your best investment right now

Analysing your pipeline could reveal that lead acquisition is not your best investment right now. A content strategy or an improvement in your existing one might give you a much better lift this year.

Consider the impact on your business if you were to increase conversion of all the leads in your funnel today by 10%. And of course any repair work done now will increase the conversion potential of your acquisition strategy next year.

It’s time well spent.


Karen Woodhead
Brand Director, 12 Miles North


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