Project Description



Abode, a division of the Norcros Group, design, manufacture and distribute a range of kitchen and bathroom products and pride themselves on being at the forefront of the latest innovations.

To support the launch of a unique new ‘boiling water’ tap, Abode’s brief was to create an exiting new brand identity, retail product packaging and a launch campaign.

The name ‘Pronteau’ had already been chosen, our task was to bring it to life in a way that communicated the product benefits in an easy to understand and succinct way.


There are many boiling water faucet products on the market, but there are none that offer the same features and benefits of the Pronteau tap. The main difference being that the product offers four options for water delivery: hot, cold, boiling and filtered – whereas competitors only offer three. In addition the product provides unique safety features such as intelligent temperature controls to prevent scalds and burns.

The ‘intelligence on tap’ strapline was created to communicate the unique features of the system while hinting at the convenience of the product. In addition, a campaign line ‘your kitchen, your rules’ was developed to appeal to consumers’ emotional side during the decision making process when comparing competitor products.

The usual ‘lifestyle’ photography was side lined in favour of a striking illustrative approach to set the brand apart and communicate the product options at a glance. A contemporary brand mark was devised which uses the letter ‘r’ in a clever way to make it unique to Pronteau.

We worked closely with Abode’s packaging manufacturer to design and produce retail packaging that was easy to assemble, cost effective to print and echoed Abode’s commitment to the environment by only producing low-impact packaging.

Launch advertising comprised of a 3-month campaign in lifestyle magazines, advertising on the London Underground and adshels nationwide. Since launch, uptake has been swift with all DIY multiples now stocking the product.