Project Description


Client: Jacuzzi UK

Sector: Bathrooms, Manufacturing

Scope: Brand Positioning, Printed Collatoral



Jacuzzi is the inventor and originator of the whirlpool bath and defined the category. Feeling the pressure from imitators, they wanted to re-assert their authority and differentiate themselves from the cheap imports flooding the market.

In addition they were keen to ensure consumers understood their total offer – they don’t just do whirlpool baths but manufacture and supply complete bathroom suites, showers and accessories to distributors worldwide.

Following planning meetings the marketing team decided to produce a publication to showcase their products. A statement piece, which consumers would be proud to have on show in their homes and which would get passed around.


The new retail catalogue needed to firmly re-establish the Jacuzzi brand as the innovators and leaders, not only in whirlpool bath technology but in everything bathing related.

After researching many other luxury brands, a case bound, coffee table book was proposed as a way of conveying high-end luxury.

The 250 page, case bound catalogue was designed using a mix of existing and bespoke studio photography using the ‘water that moves you’ strapline as a central theme to accentuate the product benefits and illustrated using floating models which were photographed separately and added to the composite shots though extensive retouching.

Printing was achieved using a mix of Antalis coated and uncoated paper stocks and the catalogue features half pages, overlays and a built in bookmark that reflects the heritage and craftsmanship of Jacuzzi’s products. It lends the catalogue a superior, premium feel and turns it into a desirable object in its own right.

Containing the entire Jacuzzi product range as well as the history of the brand, the catalogue sets out to tell the ‘Jacuzzi story’ and how five Italian brothers invented the first hydrotherapy jet in the 1950s. In telling the story the catalogue leverages the authenticity of the brand and encourages consumers to stay true, to only trust the original and insist on ‘Jacuzzi’ products by name. The history and provenance is unique to Jacuzzi and is something other manufacturers would find it hard to compete with. The story just needed to be told in a way that made it compelling and memorable for consumers.

It firmly re-establishes the brand as the originators and leaders in whirlpool bath technology.

Printing was achieved using a mix of coated and uncoated stocks and the catalogue features half pages, overlays and a built in bookmark.