Project Description




Huthwaite International helps large organisations transform their sales and negotiation outcomes by instigating behaviour change within sales teams. They are a world leading training provider and their systems and methodologies are game changing.

When they decided to redevelop their brand identity, the idea was neither to change who they were, nor simply to redesign the website and revamp collateral, but rather to communicate who they were more succinctly than they had been doing.

The company is a pioneer in their field and has many strengths. But despite this it was difficult for anyone to really pinpoint what Huthwaite International was about. Somewhere down the line, they’d outgrown their brand. It had begun to lack clarity for audiences and the true character of Huthwaite wasn’t coming across anymore.


It was important that the new brand was built on the strengths and values that already existed within the business. 12 Miles North worked with the team at Huthwaite to develop a new identity that was distinctive and exciting.

The logo was modernised and simplified. The ‘H’ of Huthwaite, which became affectionately known as the ‘Hoosh’, is an icon that told the story of Huthwaite and their clients’ shared passion for performance improvement and the upward trajectory of success. A vibrant new colour palette ensured cut through in a market dominated by me too greens and blues. Red for their passion and progression and black for stability and a safe pair of hands.

As part of the rebrand we also helped the client develop a new strapline ‘Out-think, out-perform’. It’s a simple concept, but encapsulates what Huthwaite help their clients to do and ultimately what they want from them above all else.

Imagery was a careful consideration. When the world is your marketplace, how do you create imagery that is relatable? One thing we knew for sure is that when clients came to Huthwaite, they were ready for change. They realise there is a better way, for their business, for their teams, for themselves as individuals. We tried to capture that aspiration in what we called the Huthwaite hero shots. Eight images that convey the profile of different clients around the world all reflecting on the same shared ambition.

In addition to the brand, 12 Miles North built the main Huthwaite website, a digital information hub, ‘Horizons’ and story boarded and produced a short film that dares sales leaders to aim high.

Watch the film here: The journey to outstanding