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#12 actions for creating a standout brand to help your MAT grow.

Did you know? A powerful brand identity is one of the most effective ways any organisation (education, private sector, non-profits, or others) can gain a competitive edge in increasingly crowded marketplaces.

Our whitepaper – 12 actions for creating a standout brand to help your MAT grow, is an invaluable guide to creating a powerful brand identity for your organisation. It’s specifically aimed at MATs and is packed full of useful tips on developing a clear vision and strategy for your brand – the planning and process involved and how it can really differentiate your organisation. Everything you need to know to create and maintain an impactful brand identity for your MAT. 

Both new and existing MATs can benefit from reading this whitepaper. And, if you need further proof of the impact a well-crafted brand can make, here are a few benefits.

Benefits at a glance

  • A brand strategy creates a blueprint for branding across all schools saving precious time and resources.
  • A brand unifies your organisation and articulates your vision, mission and values to a wider audience.
  • A powerful brand can change perceptions amongst stakeholders and signifies progress and change.
  • Attractive brands attract the best staff.
  • A well-managed brand can make it easier to market your organisation.
  • A brand is a valuable asset that can add tangible value to your organisation.

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#12 actions for creating a standout brand to help your MAT grow.

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