We were thrilled to hear some nice discussion about our brand this week. Simon Teer’s article ‘Finding our Authentic Selves’ explores why we resonate so much with ‘authenticity’ and gravitate towards things with provenance and soul. He very flatteringly presents the 12 Miles North brand as a role model of purpose and clarity.

By our own admission, our website is not as creative as it could be. An extremely busy year, akin to the plumber’s leaking tap syndrome, has put paid to any major time being spent on our own marketing and we are trying hard to work on our new site in the wings, but as fantatical wordsmiths and communicators it hasn’t stopped us making an impression through the power of word. Above all, our brand comes from the heart and is based on a genuine knowledge and experience of how to reenergise and/or transform a brand.

When you know, and are true to, who you are, the rest comes down to the skill of storytelling but the hard work is over.

Read Simon’s full article here.

Karen Woodhead
Brand Director, 12 Miles North