Finding our authentic selves

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We were thrilled to hear some nice discussion about our brand this week. Simon Teer’s article ‘Finding our Authentic Selves’ explores why we resonate so much with ‘authenticity’ and gravitate towards things with provenance and soul. He very flatteringly presents the 12 Miles North brand as a role model of purpose and clarity. By our [...]

The power of detail in the quest for standout

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Sometimes it’s not the big brash ideas that position a brand and get it noticed, it’s the smaller nuances, executed to perfection. Much like what Guiness have done by redesigning its harp. Illustrator Gerry Barney, harp-makers Niebisch & Tree, and letterpress studio New North Press were all engaged to assist in the redesign to “convey the true [...]

When a logo comes clean / ish

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Companies can spend millions on carefully crafting their logos and slogans in the hope they will bring customers flocking. But when you combine the internet and a few basic photoshop skills, your identity can be dissected in an instant. Advertising student Julien Delerue, has made his own contribution to Kleenex's identity with this cheeky little [...]

Ryanair – A brand in transition?

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Image for illustration purposes only. I’ve felt for a long that time that if Ryanair were to combine its cheapest fares proposition with a more empathic connection to its customers it would have one formidable brand on its hands. Flying with Ryanair would no longer be a grudging repeat purchase motivated solely by price, it [...]

40 logos with hidden meanings

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Often the most icon designs are those that say far more than the sum of the component parts. Deeper meanings or hidden gems you might not see straight away (aka, slow burn) are what we as designers strive for. We love this collection of some of the most well known. And while we’re on the [...]