12 Miles North is a small agency and we use the word small with serious intent. It frees us from the constraints larger agencies endure. We don’t take on projects we don’t care passionately about or produce work we’re not proud of. It matters.

We’re obsessed with excellence. It’s who we are. We couldn’t switch it off even if we wanted to. It’s about checking that every word, pixel and pound invested justifies itself and takes the project in the right direction.

Our founding principles are clarity, simplicity and response. We love the craftsmanship that goes into achieving this but it has to work hand in hand with a keen emotional aptitude. When all things are equal emotions will drive the final purchase/procurement decision. If the end result doesn’t get an intuitive reaction then it’s been a waste of time. We start from the desired result. It’s a timeless and relevant approach.

We’re also passionate about British design. Some of the best designers in the world are based in the industrial North – it’s a history we’re intensely proud of and a heritage we intend to continue.




Nick is a conceptual creative, writer and photographer. His work has won many awards including several Roses Awards, five Heist Awards, two global Case awards and a Print Week Gold award. Over the years he’s worked for some of the most iconic brands in the UK.

In 2014 Nick sold his agency Whitespace – a business he took from a one man band in 1995 to a £1m consultancy in 2014 – to go back to his roots of designing for and engaging directly with the brands he loves with less distraction. 12 Miles North is the culmination of three decades of experience developing and flying the flag for the very best in British design.


Stef is a creative designer, art-director and project manager. With over 16 years experience he has worked for high profile agencies in London, the South East and Yorkshire. During this time he has engaged with some of the UK’s largest brands and organisations including Asda, Autoglym, Ronseal and University of Huddersfield – collecting Roses, Heist and Print Week awards along the way.

Stef’s extensive design and production knowledge, combined with a meticulous attention to detail help ensure all projects channeled through 12 Miles North are maintained to the highest standard.